RedPill (english)

Matrix Screensaver for OS X (upto OS X 10.12)Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-28 um 14.39.24

As mathew has stopped further development and support for his genious screensaver RedPill in 2012, i created a fork on Github and compiled it with the newest XCode version.

Download the latest build (see below).
To install RedPill simply unzip the file, double click on on the screensaver and accept to install.

RedPill should now be shown in the list of avail screensavers:



RedPill is completely free and OpenSource, but if you like it and would like to donate, my BitCoin-Adress is: 1HoshA6mrYYLghD69wHyF3jhbu6JrVU9HQ

RedPill changelog

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